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Board of Directors

     The following individuals are our Board of Directors. They are elected by the horse show committee members and serve 2 years. Their time is completely voluntary, and we are grateful for their leadership.

President: Adam Hasner

Vice President: Steve Duck

Treasurer: Paula Duck

Secretary: Jodi Hasner

Officers: Josa Comstock

               Gloria Kraft

Director Emeritus: Sally Smith

Many thanks to our past presidents!

2008-2020: Denise DeCicco
2006-2008: Marcella Reca Zipp

2004-2006: Chris Biagi

Join Us

Join Our Show Committee

     Our show committee is an ever-changing collection of interested and active volunteers who help in all aspects of show planning, preparation, and execution. It's easy to get involved!
    Volunteers are necessary on show days in the entry booth, announcer’s booth, selling merchandise and handing out ribbons at the gazebo, in the arena (judge’s steward), at the entry gate, and for take-down/cleanup after shows. We also do setup a day or two in advance of most show dates. Volunteers who work four or more hours can choose to enter a year-end raffle for four $50 prizes, or can earn credit towards show fees if they wish to compete. Remember to sign in on the Volunteer Sign-In Clipboard located in the entry booth!
    Volunteers are needed in the off-season to help with show planning and preparation at our monthly meetings. Anyone is welcome to attend our meetings to provide their input! Spring Grove Horse Show Committee meetings are held once a month October through April. Meeting dates and times will be announced in the News section of our Home page. Get an idea of what our committee meetings are like by reading the meeting minutes from past meetings.
     Please contact us if you would like to volunteer in any capacity or have any questions!

Our History

     The first Spring Grove Horse Fair was organized by Jack and Shirley Thompson, Bill and Margaret Schmidt, friends and the local 4-H club in 1964. The parents from Spring Grove Elementary School took over the events, and subsequent shows provided Spring Grove Elementary School with a kitchen, a down payment on school buses and playground paving. The group became incorporated under the name Spring Grove Horse Fair and Junior Horse Show, Inc.
The Spring Grove Horse Fair purchased ten acres of land behind the elementary school where it built an entry booth and arena. The group continued to provide for school needs, the village’s first rescue squad, a police car, athletic equipment and playground equipment. The horse shows became town events, including steer roasts, dunk tanks, children’s games and music.
     The property was donated to the Village of Spring Grove in 1977 for use as a park, with two additional parcels set aside for Burton Township and Spring Grove Fire Department. The donation included a provision that the village allow Spring Grove Horse Fair to continue holding “horse events” on the property. The group retained a small parcel of property and built a pavilion, which was donated to the Village of Spring Grove in 1987. In 1996, the pavilion was remodeled and a new announcer’s stand was built.

     The early shows held in the 1970s and 80s had a carnival-like atmosphere. The show committee held two-day shows and the grounds were packed with spectators. Present day shows are typically one day, with five to eight shows held between April and October. The Spring Grove Horse Fair and Junior Show, Inc. changed its name to Spring Grove Horse Show, Inc. to reflect a focus on horse showing. The group is still committed to encouraging interest in the horse, educating beginner riders and giving back to the local community.

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